The (Rest of the) Perfect Day

Perhaps it was extra special in the afterglow of our engagement, but the journey around Hallstatt Lake was incredibly beautiful and tranquil. 

From the moment we commenced the 5km walk around the lake from Obertraun to Hallstatt, we were struck by the peacefulness of the area; despite the odd car on the road, there was not another soul in sight to steal the spectacular views. The only sounds were birds singing...

We eventually made it to Hallstatt (it's not so easy to walk while your eyes are focussed on the new bling on your hand) and were immediately swarmed by Asian tourists in the tightly built town. Nevertheless, it was quaint and interesting - and the views just as good as the walk over. We had a celebratory meal on the waterfront (to the delightful sounds of a nail gun undertaking renovations nearby) before catching the ferry back to Obertraun.

Not quite ready to call an end to this magical day, we took a twilight walk around the river and out to the lake, which now resembled a giant piece of glass. Memories are certainly made of this!