The Postcard Country

We are still pinching ourselves every time we look out a window; the landscape and architecture of Switzerland is just beautiful. Although, unfortunately, the pinches can't be felt - because it's too damn cold!

Our first stop in Switzerland involved an action-packed week in Zofingen with Sponge's relatives Anne-Marie and Franz (incredibly generous hosts). Day one involved a guided tour of the local sights and scenery: stop #1 was the Old Town in the centre of Zofingen, which dates back to the Middle Ages and still functions as a busy town centre.

After a drive through surrounding hills and forests, we reached stop #2: the St. Urban Cloister, a monastery constructed in 1733 that houses the spectacular abbey church. Nothing could prepare us for the jaw-dropping moment when we stepped beyond the rather modest exterior and into the truly glorious interior...

As if the awe from the St. Urban Cloister wasn't enough, we traversed yet another piece of the Swiss countryside and arrived at stop #3: an elegant restaurant with hands-down the best view we have ever encountered. Snuggled into the sheepskins that adorned every chair, we sipped coffee and watched the mountains looming behind the clouds, over the inland see, in the golden glow of sunset.