Bucket List Item #3: Skiing

Somewhere in between nervousness and eagerness, we ventured down to 'Stoked' (the ski hire and instruction place) first thing in the morning. One booked lesson, hire of full ski regalia and an exorbitant sum of money later, we were ready to hit the slopes!

We arrived (somehow - ski boots aren't the easiest for walking) at the Wolli Park for beginners, an hour early for our lesson. We utilised the majority of this time to figure out how to clip into our skis, with just enough time left to actually start moving!

Our instructor, Slava, was awesome - and he thought we were too, progressing us from the baby practise part and on to the actual ski slopes in less than an hour. We navigated 2 blue runs fairly successfully (albeit very slowly - Sponge loved the pizza) and learned that snow isn't so bad to fall in. 

After nearly 4 hours clipped in our boots (and nearly getting run over by a snow plough starting his piste cleanup) we hobbled back to our hostel, fully aware of how heavy skis and boots are... Needless to say, we slept very well.