Bucket List Item #2: Snowballs

Another beautiful sunny day in Switzerland and we made plans to go up the mountains to see snow - and actually touch it!

A scenic 2 hour drive into the alps brought us to Jaunpass, a popular holiday destination for locals (and the first caravan park we have seen). Here, Sack and Sponge finally set foot on the sparkling white stuff...and fell over. Snow is also cold. 

As there were no restaurants open, we continued on to Gastlosen - and crossed an invisible language border into the French part of the mountains. We were lucky to go on our very first chair lift up the mountain, to a traditional and quaint restaurant with astounding views. On the steep descent we saw our first squirrel dart through the forest beneath us (they are just as cool and cute as a Disney movie). 

A short drive later, we arrived at Gruyére - a medieval town and castle perched on a hill that looks exactly like a stage set. Or a scene from Shrek. It is unfathomable just how old some of these buildings are and the history they contain...

And a nice sunset to top the day off. 

And a nice sunset to top the day off.