Our Mini BC Adventure: Part 2

On our third day, we made it to Lillooet. The town lays in a rain shadow from the massive surrounding mountains, and our arrival could not have been more distinct; one moment, we were in luscious forested mountains and the next, in an arid desert-like environment that seemed to favour canyons alongside its mountain ranges. And that is where our next adventure took us, as we decided to head out to Gun Lake... along a 99km stretch of 'road', cliffside, through a canyon, above a very large body of water with constant landslide and rockfall warnings (and evidence). It took a lot of adrenalin and fast acquaintance with our new van, but we survived.

We were rewarded with yet another unbelievable experience as we made camp at Gun Creek that night, watching the sun set over the floodplains in the company of abundant wildlife. It was magical.

The next day we were faced with the same treacherous drive back to Lillooet, but the haze from nearby wildfires that hovered above the lake provided us with the most delightful (and photogenic) distraction.