Our Mini BC Adventure: Part 1

With three days to make the three hour journey to Lillooet (our next stop), we decided to take our time and the scenic route to get there. And it was lucky we had three days; the moment we got on the Sea to Sky Highway just outside the city, we were smacked in the face with some of the most jaw-dropping scenery and views we had ever seen in our lives. Both our vocabularies seemed to disappear except for expletives, which were repeated often as our brains attempted to comprehend the magnitude of the landscape around us. We were definitely unprepared for this level of incredulity... and how many times that meant we would stop. 

Our first day we made it to Squamish, a delightful town surrounded by mountains (even the Maccas had a view!) and on past Garibaldi Mountain and Whistler. We found a prime campsite at Nairn Falls, and settled ourselves in for our very first night in the Canadian wilderness with a classic sausage sizzle and beer. 

We survived the night. After a brief forest ride the next morning at One Mile Lake, we found ourselves in Pemberton, where a friendly local recommended Gate Lake. So we went, and found a nice secluded spot to eat our BELT sandwiches. Satisfied, we carried on Highway 99 - aka Highway of Unbelievable-Views-and-Epic-Mountain-Climbs. At the top we found Joffre Lakes and its stunning turquoise waters with a glacier backdrop, and our limited vocabularies returned. Further on we passed Duffey Lake - and the local joke about the never ending mountain and mountain lake scenery started to make sense. On a whim we stopped at Rogers Creek and hit the jackpot with the best campsite in history, right on the creek with uninterrupted views upstream. We didn't think it could get any better (or more unbelievable) ...