Sponge Gets Older

The time had come for Sponge to greet a new age - but also say goodbye to farm life at Lillooet. Having already parted ways with the guys, we took some time to say thanks to the animals that had similarly welcomed us into their home; Franky, Porter and old Murphy and those six intellectually-challenged sheep that Sack had become quite fond of shepherding. It was a bittersweet moment for everyone.

Our farewells to the farm gradually turned into a hello to the luxury of Squamish Executive Suites, where we were upgraded on mention of Sponge's birthday. Sponge had a few strict demands for the day - a jam doughnut, wine (which we had procured at the neighbouring winery in Lillooet) and a restaurant dinner - and all were met, if not exceeded, judging by the way we had to roll ourselves back to our suite. It was a great way to turn 26.