Peaking in Kamloops

After a few weeks in the same small town, we were ready for an excursion and decided to head to Kamloops - and ended up visiting twice in as many days. On the first trip, we had just narrowly missed watching our own private rodeo and were perhaps disoriented in our disappointment, as we discovered after 30km we were travelling in the wrong direction. Too far to turn back, our alternate route landed us in Kamloops by late afternoon - just enough time to buy some sushi and catch the golden hour glow on the way home. 

The second time we were more successful; not only did we take the correct route, but made it through the town and on to the nearby ski resort Sun Peaks for our first day of downhill mountain biking in a park! With just 3 days of riding experience under her belt, Sponge was a little daunted by the prospect - but the chairlift up the towering mountain and subsequent plummet down the slopes was far more fun than expected. And boy, do you learn fast! We managed to complete 5 full runs before finally giving in to our cramped hands and burning legs. Delicious pizza and much needed beers couldn't stop the fast onset of exhaustion and we hurried to find a campsite for the night. Our secluded 'carpark' on top of a mountain delivered the goods for testing our new bed platform (but we were still a bit afraid of bears at this point).