Sean & Monique (Aka Sack 'n' Sponge)


Q. What is Sack 'n' Sponge?

A. It is our nicknames. Sack = Sean, Monique = Sponge. 


Q. Where did those nicknames come from?

A. Sack was Sean's alias as a member of a Frat, which he was a part of back in 1980. The name has no relevance apart from it appearing on the google result "Top 10 Frat Names".  Monique is called Sponge as she absorbed up everyone's money and resources when she was a student, by never saying no to a handout. 


Q. What are you doing?

A. We have taken a leave of absence from the rat race to pursue a life of travel and new experiences for the next year. A quarter life crisis maybe, out to discover the world and ourselves at the same time. 


Q. How can we contact you?

A. You can comment on our blog posts, and you can email us at 


Q. Your pictures are amazing, how do I buy prints?

A. Please send an email through to us and we will provide you with a competitive quote.