Gulfing Around

Days: 52-55
Kilometres Travelled: 730
Total States Visited: 16
Total Kilometres: 11,313

We continued our exploration of the Florida coastline from the comfort (and discomfort for the rear passengers) of Josie as we soon realised there was not a lot going on in these parts.

Despite witnessing some kind of drug deal at the skatepark where we stopped for lunch, our afternoon was very uneventful and we arrived in Crystal River to discover the main attraction was closed. With poor internet, no manatees to visit and lots of rain, the highlight of our day was dinner at Denny's - and for the boys, being eyeballed by the local supermarket check-out chick. 

Coastal Highway 98 gave us beautiful scenery but not a lot else; our next hotel seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, aka Wakulla Beach. However, it did provide a very pleasant setting to swim, drink and play card games to escape the oppressive heat (an oasis if you like). It also gave us our first authentic American bbq experience at a local restaurant ''Hamaknockers" where we ate a ridiculous amount of meat and vegetables drowned in butter to celebrate more than 200 days of travelling for Sack and Sponge. The festivities continued with 1L cans of Fosters beer found at the local 7eleven, a bag of M&Ms and some riotous laughs at our hotel. 

Our journey around the gulf continued, punctuated with scenic coastal drives and bridges, plenty of palm trees, towns with cool names but terrible cafes (Apalachicola, we're looking at you) and swims at beaches the temperature of bathwater. Fort Walton Beach offered us some decent tacos and margaritas on the beachfront (enjoyed on more than one occasion), while the balmy tropical evenings invited us to stay out and enjoy the photographic opportunities of the jetty (also home to a friendly pod of dolphins).

With not a lot going on besides gentle warm beaches, tropical air and plenty of indulgent food, we were practically ready to join the rest of the Florida population in their retirement...