Houston, We Have Arrived

After getting flooded out of our campsite, we didn’t waste any time getting back on the road and driving along the gulf. We discovered there was a whole lot of nothing on this route (not even coffee!), although every man and his dog seemed to be out fishing. With nothing but coastline (and some pretty cool houses up on stilts), we soon made our first ferry crossing along Highway 82. A pod of dolphins escorted us across, and once on land we were promptly hit with more torrential rain.

We knew we were about to hit Texas by the enormous silos and factories on the horizon, literally demarcating the state border. There followed an hour or so of industrial monstrosities and vile, unpleasant odours. Driving in Houston was like nothing we’d ever seen before - the freeways were like spiderwebs, not only an average of 8 lanes wide but also stacked 4 roads high! At one point, we counted 14 lanes of traffic. After a long day on the road, we were extremely grateful for the relative luxury of our hotel and happily indulged in TV, long showers and Panda Express.