Conquering Bryce

After catching a glimpse of the goods Bryce Canyon had on offer, we committed to a hike to see it from another perspective. We found ourselves on a steep, switchback-laden trail that led through the heart of the amphitheatre of ‘hoodoos’. After a rapid loss of altitude, we decided at the bottom to complete a circuit rather than go back the way we came.

The loop took us through the canyon to Sunrise Point, and we climbed up the Navajo Loop up to the long Rim Trail - pausing frequently to admire the spectacular views. It felt like we were walking in a gigantic scaled fairy kingdom or at least King Neptune’s lair if it existed on land. Four hours, 10 km, plenty of photos and some very weary legs later, we finally made it back to the car.

An Epic Drive

Utah just kept on dishing out the spectacular panoramic views and our camera was given a good workout. Continuing our journey, we started in the forest and were soon back among canyons with a drive that was anything but boring. The roads twisted and wound through epic scenery of bold, vibrant colours - at one point we even drove along the spine of a mountain ridge with sheer cliffs on either side!

After an awe-filled trip, we finally made it to Bryce Canyon National Park. In the fading daylight we went for a scenic drive to scope out the park and see what all the fuss was about. I think we figured it out!