Tabasco Tastin'

On the morning of our 100th day on the road, we begrudgingly woke before dawn to take Luke and Kelly to the airport. Still half asleep, we left NOLA and caught a magnificent sunrise in our rear view mirror. In the soft dawn glow, our surroundings took on an ethereal quality with fog hovering densely above the rivers and an enormous flock of birds that all took flight at once from a sugar cane field. We soon forgave the early start.

We made it at last to Avery Island, home of of the infamous Tabasco sauce. After a very enlightening tour of the factory, we sampled some raspberry chipotle and jalapeno ice cream (and probably never will again). From here, the road took us to Palmetto Island State Park where, despite the lush surroundings, we soon discovered a distinct sparsity of ablutions and why every rig in the park had its own golf cart! A sudden massacre by mosquitoes had us retreating into Josie early for some much needed rest.